Queen Latifah on ‘Trinidad’ & ‘Liming’ in Tobago

Trust it to a visitor to our shores to explain the origins of the Trini word ‘Liming’. Add that to the fact that that person had some very wonderful things to say about our twin-island paradise and you have Her 'Royalness' –  and a most gracious Queen Latifah.

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Sparrow's Next Move 



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Paul Keens Douglas - " Well let me tell You " - Paul Keens Douglas - 'Well let me tell you


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Luise Kimme - Sculptor , Artist - Capturing the essence of our people

Luise Kimme was born in Bremen, Germany.

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Baron - The Sweet Soca Voice


Timothy Watkins Jr - a.k.a The Baron - The Sweet Soca Voice


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The ' Unsinkable' Gipsy - Calypsonian, Politician, Dapper-Man

The Gipsy - one time winner of Calypso Monarch and all time winner of the hearts of Calypso lovers .

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